WATO and its core members (Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum, Snowdonia-Active & South Wales Outdoor Activity Provider Group) have recently conducted an Adventure Activity Sector Barometer Survey.  The purpose of the survey was to gauge how the sector is doing on the pathway to recovery.  It was administered across Wales and engaged with businesses on:
  • If they are open and operating?
  • If so what percentage of normal capacity?
  • What percentage of normal staffing levels?
  • What is their confidence in surviving to be operating next year?
Attached are two documents, one a summary highlighting key findings and a second with the full survey results.  A couple of notable figures coming out of the survey are:
  • 60% of businesses are open and delivering activities
  • Of the 60% of businesses that are delivering, they are operating at an average of 45%  of normal capacity
  • 33% of respondents had low confidence in surviving to operate next season
These results show there is a real potential need for further business support to ensure these individuals and organisations survive to be operating next year, and the need for there to be consideration for schools from across the UK to be able to visit Wales as a part of residential trips and their outdoor learning.

Adventure Activity Sector Barometer Survey_Full

The Outdoor Adventure Activity Sector Barometer_Highlights